Volkswagen Dieselgate now butt of jokes on a talk show

Volkswagen’s cheating on emission tests have had a catastrophic effect on the company. Not only their share prices have gone down to where they were five years ago, but there have been series of inquiries launched across the globe against them. But on the other side of the coin, the situation has also caused some mirth.

Last Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher HBO talk-show has thrown punches at the German automaker by releasing a series of satirical Volkswagen ads.

Maher is noted for his wit and humor and is outspoken and known for going after major corporate at the slightest hint of controversy. Well known for his concern on climate change, Maher has addressed the VW emission scandal head on leaving many wondering about the future of their diesel powered cars now that the scandal is out in the open.

The show threw caution to the wind raking up the entire VW dieselgate controversy with humor that ranged from humorous to mean and cruel.

Maher went on through the show leaving no stone unturned to come down heavily on the German automaker on an issue that will in the realms of history. The worst of the entire series was the one on Hindenburg with a German passenger airship being destroyed by fire in 1937.