Volkswagen puts plans in place to bring electric Bulli – Microbus to US

Mr. Jonathan Browning, Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen in the United States hopes to bring the new Microbus from Volkswagen into US markets in the not too distant future. It is hoped that the new version of Microbus will be introduced to achieve their aim of selling more than 1 million cars in US by 2018.

Volkswagen introduced the electric concept of Microbus during 2011 called Bulli. Browning said that the company would be concentrating on their existing products as on date and have felt the growing demand for VW Passat. Volkswagen hopes to sell at least 500,000 units of Passat in the US as against 444,178 which were sold during 2011 an increase of 23% as compared to sales during 2010.

Electric Bulli Microbus will be produced at the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico which is expected to come out by 2014. This plant is also from where the new Beetle is rolled out. Microbus will be 3.99 meters in length and will be projected as a family car rather than a mini bus.