Volkswagen Golf with NVIDIA Tegra at 2012 Paris Motor Show before 10th November launch in Germany

Volkswagen’s new Golf made its entry at the ongoing Paris Motor Show which opened its doors on 29th September and will stay open till the 14th October 2012. The new 7th Gen Golf is seen with a number of elegant and contemporary additions, be it in its classy interiors, innovative exterior design or in the variety of infotainment features being offered powered by an NVIDIA Tegra mobile processor.

The latest rage among the new set of buyers is for automobiles to possess a host of infotainment features that have all that a smartphone or tablet possesses well integrated into their vehicle and this is what is seen in the new VW Golf. Besides Tegra system on a chip, Volkswagen Golf will also possess a new infotainment system that includes a telephone module, tuner modules, six channel amplifier and a DVD drive.

Volkswagen’s new Golf is lighter, roomier and safer than the outgoing model while it is also more economically priced. It possesses a state of the art interior while it is powered by a 1.6 liter diesel powered BlueMotion engine with 88.3 mpg fuel consumption and auto emissions at 85 g/km.

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Some mobile devices slip in your pocket. Others fit in your driveway.

Volkswagen just launched its latest Golf – the world’s third best-selling car – at the Paris Auto show. Available this fall, it’s longer, lower and wider than the old model. Along with a more spacious interior and more efficient engine, it features a new infotainment system powered by an NVIDIA Tegra mobile processor.

The big trend here: automakers want infotainment systems that have the performance and features that customers experience in their phones and tablets, but are safely integrated into the vehicle.

Given the longer development cycles of a car, the trick is that the system needs to be easily upgraded to match the frenetic pace of innovation in the consumer electronics industry.

So that meant the Volkswagen Group turned to NVIDIA. In addition to the Golf, Tegra has already been built into the Audi A3 and will arrive in the Skoda Octavia soon. Like today’s smartphones, the Golf’s new navigation system will offer real-time Google navigation , and, of course, rich interactive graphics. It’s all served up through a touch screen.

In addition to a Tegra system-on-a-chip, the Golf’s new infotainment system can include a telephone module, tuner modules, a six-channel high-performance amplifier, and a DVD drive.

NVIDIA’s products can be found in a wide range of cars, including the Tesla Model S, the Audi A7, and Lamborghini Aventador.