Volkswagen Group Audi car sales 1.5 million units target: Traffic jam Assistant a work in progress

Despite unfavorable situations in the world economy, rising fuel prices and buyers shying away from auto showrooms, Audi looks forward to reaching their goal of selling 1.5 million cars per annum. Increase in demand is mostly seen in Chinese, US and Russian markets which is where Audi expects most response in the coming months so as to help them achieve their target.

Audi, in 2011 sold 1.3 million vehicles globally while in the past four months of this year Audi has seen increase in deliveries to the tune of 11.7%. The company delivered 471,300 cars and SUVs between January to April 2012 and judging by the way thing are moving ahead, the company hopes to achieve their target even sooner. At this rate Volkswagen is sure to take over Mercedes Benz to take the lead in luxury sales by the end of this decade.

A new development that Audi is approaching is the new Traffic Jam Assistant. This concept follows the principal that rather than constantly moving and stopping during rush hour you are able to alloy your Audi to perform the driving for you personally. It is this high tech system which Audi displayed recently at the Worldwide Electronic Devices Show. What is even more spectacular about Audi’s Traffic Jam Assistant is that it uses a sophisticated system of radar sensors, ultrasound sensors and wide position video that can view not only the vehicle up ahead but also those before it in the jam. Audi Traffic Jam Assistant is what is waiting to be shown by the company on their new A8 in the next couple of years.