Volkswagen Group auto brands sales for January 2011: VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT

Volkswagen passenger cars sales stands at 419,200 units for January 2012 in comparison to 418,600 vehicles sold in Jan 2011 accounting for.1% sales growth. Keeping in line with high numbers globally the previous year, sales in United States last month attributed for 27,200 vehicles in comparison to 18,400 in January 2011, which equates to 47.9% sales growth. In their Central and Eastern Europe market 16,800 Volkswagen passenger cars were sold as compared to 10,000 vehicles sold in the same period resulting in 67% sales growth. Volkswagen posted 3.36% sales growth in the Indian auto market for January 2012. VW sold 5,789 units through last month as compared to 5,601 units sold in India in January 2011.

Audi sold 96,100 vehicles globally in January 2012 in a MOM comparison the previous year when 95,400 vehicles were sold. This marks 0.8% sales growth. The Ingolstadt premium brand had a great sales month in China where 27,200 vehicles were sold as compared to 22,200 units sold in January 2011 accounting for 22.6% sales growth and in the US car market where 9,400 cars were sold. When compared to 7,800 units sold in January 2011, it marks 19.7% sales growth. Audi posted 39% sales growth in the Indian auto market for January 2012. Vehicle sales for the month stand at 667 cars as compared to 480 cars sold in January 2011by the German luxury car.

Czech automaker ŠKODA delivered 75,400 vehicles last month. For January 2011, Skoda had delivered 68,400 vehicles and this stands for 10.2% sales growth. The European market accounted for 47,200 units sold as compared to 41,700 cars sold for the same month last year marking 13.1% sales growth. In Central and Eastern Europe, ŠKODA delivered 17,900 cars as compared to 15,300 units the previous year. This equates to 17.2% sales growth.

Spanish brand SEAT delivered 21,700 vehicles recording 15.4% sales decline as compared to January 2011 when 25,700 vehicles were sold. In the European auto market, 17,900 SEAT cars were sold as compared to 22,400 units in January 2011 marking 20.2% sales decline. The auto market seemed more favorable for Seat in Germany where 3,600 vehicles were sold as compared to 3,500 cars sold in January 2011 marking 4.5% sales growth. Deliveries in the UK stood at 2,600 cars as compared to 2,400 in January 2011 equating to 9.8% sales growth for Seat in UK.