Volkswagen Group global deliveries for January 2012 stand at 652,500 vehicles: 1.3% sales growth for VW Group

Volkswagen Group deliveries for 2012 have started on a positive note with 652,500 units sold in January 2012 as compared to 644,200 units (excluding MAN and Scania vehicles) sold in January 2011, which equates to 1.3% sales growth.

Christian Klingler, VW Group Board Member for Sales said, “We have made an encouraging start, but 2012 will be a challenging year. As expected, the prevailing economic uncertainty is impacting the automotive industry. We will continue to keep a very close eye on the market situation, particularly in Europe.”

Volkswagen Group sales in the North America region recorded 53,500 units sold for January 2012 as compared to 41,900 vehicles sold in January 2011 equating at 27.7% sales growth.

36,700 of these vehicles were sold in the US as compared to 26,300 cars sold in January 2011 and vouches for 39.5% sales growth for Volkswagen in the US auto market. The Us car market is Volkswagen’s largest single market, and the astounding figures for last month makes it VW’s best month in the this market since 1974. VW Group deliveries in the South American region, stood at 78,100 vehicles overall as compared to 74,700 units in January 2011 marking 4.6% sales growth.

Stability in Asia / Pacific region comes from 233,500 units sold as compared to 239,500 units sold in January 2011 despite 2.5% sales decline. China is recognized as the single largest auto market for VW in this region and accounted for 208,200 vehicles sold as compared to 217,900 units sold in 2011 January equating to 4.5% sales decline. Since the Chinese passenger car market saw a 13% contraction for the period, the Volkswagen Group has actually been able to expand their Chinese auto market share in the face of obvious adversities. In the Indian auto market, deliveries stand at 9,400 vehicles, which accounts for 28.4% sales growth when compared to 7,400 vehicles sold in 2011 January.

In Europe, Volkswagen Group sold 259,900 units last month as compared to 262,500 units sold in January 2011 marking 1% sales decline. It appears buyers in Western Europe (excluding Germany) bought 144,400 vehicles for the month as compared to 156,700 automobiles bought in 2011 January marking 7.8% sales decline. The auto market in Central and Eastern Europe recorded 33.6% sales growth with 41,400 vehicles sold last month as compared to 31,000 units sold in January 2011. In Germany, Volkswagen Group delivered 74,100 vehicles last month as compared to 74,800 units sold in January 2011 and remained quite stable marking 1% sales decline.