Volkswagen Group global sales at 8.16 million vehicles for 2011: Indian auto market attributes for 1,11,623 cars

Celebrating ten years of success in India, Volkswagen Group has managed to increase their sales manifold with a positive growth of 109.3% for 2011. The company has also experienced two milestones during 2011 with the rolling out of the 50,000th and 100,000th car from their Chakan plant in Pune. The Volkswagen Group continues to display a significant amount of innovation with the introduction of 10 new models giving customers a wider range of 21 models to choose from. In an attempt of business expansion in India the company has successfully added 56 new dealers increasing their existing network to 219 dealers in 2011.

Volkswagen has undergone an impressive growth of 151% as compared to 2010 surpassing the growth of their Skoda which witnessed 49% growth, and Audi, which witnessed 83.5% growth over 2011. The plant at Chakan has also progressed considerably with models produced increasing from 60% to 73% in 2011. The Chakan plant production volume stood at 1,05,535 cars in 2011 which marks a 180% increase. Also with the partnership of the Volkswagen group with Indian suppliers, suppliers have managed necessary tooling and export of parts to Volkswagen Group locations globally has commenced.

Audi, ŠKODA and Volkswagen collectively account for sales of 1,11,623 vehicles in the Indian auto market in 2011 in comparison to 53,341 cars sold here in 2010. The VW Group sales growth equates to an increased market share of 4.9% in 2011 as compared to 2.5% in 2010. Of the of 1, 11,623 vehicles sold in the Indian car market by the VW Group, Volkswagen accounted for sales of 76,107 passenger cars, SKODA sold 30,005 cars, and Audi sold 5,511 cars in 2011. In a year on year comparison, sales figures for 2010 for Audi, ŠKODA and Volkswagen were 3,003, 20,019, and 30,319 vehicles respectively. For VW, it’s the Volkswagen Polo that helped register sales volumes having sold 37,153 units, which equates to almost half the company’s sales for 2011.

The fact also reinstates the belief that the Indian auto market loves small cars. The Volkswagen Polo is a premium hatchback available in both petrol and diesel variants. Globally, the Volkswagen Group did justice to their largest automaker in Europe reputation by accounting for global car sales of 8.16 million vehicles for 2011, which equates to a 14% increases in a YOY comparison. VW aims to sell 10m vehicles a year by 2018 in a bid to outdo rivals Toyota and General Motors, and consequently make a mark as the biggest carmakers by sales. Currently, it seems VW has already achieved part of that dream by virtue of natural calamities with Toyota having suffered immensely through 2010 because of flooding in Thailand, and tsunami and earthquakes in Japan. In the meantime the fight between General Motors and the Volkswagen Group continues to intensify. Volkswagen’s global operations continue to fight the fight with the China auto market accounting for sales of 2.25 million vehicles. While India’s numbers may seem significantly small in comparison standing at 1, 11,623 vehicles, it’s the sales growth rate that has been phenomenal. Sales in the Asia/Pacific region registered growth of 19.8 percent backed by 2.56 million VW cars sold.

On their performance in the Indian auto market, Volkswagen Group Chief Representative India and President and Managing Director, Volkswagen India Private Limited., Dr. John Chacko had this to say. “Despite the volatile market condition, the Volkswagen Group India achieved a high growth in 2011. We sold 1,11,623 cars in the last year and produced 1,05,535 cars in our Chakan plant in the same time period. We strengthened our presence in India with a growth of 109.3% in sales and a growth of 180% in production at Chakan plant over 2010. The rise in production and sales figures signifies the growing acceptance of the Group in the Indian market as Volkswagen Group cars continue to gain market share in their respective segments.I am confident that our technology, design innovation coupled with dynamic product line will ensure that Volkswagen Group can continue its future growth path in India.”