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Volkswagen Group jobs growth in past 5 years

Since 2007 the Volkswagen group has grown considerably with over 225,000 employees joining the workforce. This has translated into 100,000 new jobs that have been opened all over the globe and also includes 125,000 employees of companies that have been integrated within the VW group. As per statistics the VW group employed about 550,000 men and women along with 16,000 apprentices within its workforce.

This results in an increase of 70% in the workforce as compared to figures five years ago. Of the newly created 100,000 jobs, there are 30,000 jobs in Germany itself and employees include member of MAN, Scania, as Porsche AG, Ducati and Porsche Holding Salzburg.

VW workforce is growing considerably year after year and its home to some of the brightest minds in the auto business. The brand provides a number of opportunities for growth and development which make it one of the attractive employers in this sector.


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