Volkswagen HQ raided by German Police as probe pressure mounts

The emission cheating crisis which is the worst ever in Volkswagen’s history, has seen stocks crash and top management being fired, rocked the steadfast trust and loyalty of customers worldwide, and has also prompted worldwide investigations.

Pressure mounts on the German automaker Volkswagen to reveal details of pollution cheating scandal that has affected 11 million vehicles worldwide. While VW has confirmed handing over of comprehensive range of documents, investigation authorities raided company headquarters in search of more documentary evidence and data storage devices which would further aid them in the investigation.

Martin Winterkorn Volkswagen Group
File Photo: (L) Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Former Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Piech, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Volkswagen. Post Diesegate, Martin Winterkorn resigned.

In the meantime, the automaker is under pressure to disclose details of this cheating scandal, fix responsibility and tackle affected vehicles on a war footing. Customers can check if their vehicle is affected by the Dieselgate scandal online.

The company has also to clarify exactly what went wrong, how the cheating actually took place. Investigations are also been conducted into why the company did not act promptly to rectify the wrong doing initially itself and waited till September 3, 2015 to tell US regulators about the defeat device installed in some diesel engines to camouflage actual levels of toxic emissions.

On their part, Volkswagen HQ has suspended over 10 senior managers and 3 top engineers while US law firm Jones Day has been hired to conduct an external inquiry into the issue which could cost the company around €35 billion ($40 billion) to rectify the problem, pay fines and settle lawsuits.


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