Volkswagen India and dealer fined for selling faulty car

Volkswagen India and dealer fined for selling faulty carVW India has been orders to pay an amount of INR 3 lakhs as compensation and refund INR 9.12 lakhs for selling a manufacturing defect laden Volkswagen Vento petrol variant purchased in 2011 by Bharat Kariya of Vashi, Mumbai.

The car dealer and VW India will be compensating Kariya for the new Vento petrol variant which he purchased in 2011 and which has already made visits to company service centers. The forum concluded that both KSM Motors and Volkswagen Passenger Cars India had resorted to unfair practices.

The buyer had originally booked a diesel variant but was informed by the company dealer that he would need to wait 6 months for delivery. Kariya had already opted for a car loan. He had paid INR 7.23 lahs as price of the car in addition to INR 90,473 VAT and another INR 98,227 as registration fees.

On taking delivery of the Vento petrol variant, Kariya noted several defects both where external paint was concerned. These were brought to the attention of the dealer who informed Kariya that these were due to the car lying in the workshop. Kariya accepted the car but called up Volkswagen India to inform them of these defects but no representative of the company took note of the problem or addressed Kariya’s grievances.

Kariya took the car back to the dealer who repaired the damage and tried to cajole Kariya into accepting the car thus proving that the car was faulty in the first place. It was on the basis of this and other evidence that the forum held the firm guilty of providing faulty services to its consumer, directing it to pay the fine.

via Times of India