Volkswagen Jetta launch, advertising, and marketing: The sedan journey continues

We all know that Volkswagen is one of the most successful auto companies in the world.  Its increased demand and superior quality of vehicles is what makes them best sellers across the globe. In India, Volkswagen launched the VW Jetta in August this year. Just last week Volkswagen tied up with En Route Media to promote the VW Jetta through car rental company Carzonrent. However, Volkswagen does not feature amongst the top ten auto spenders in India.

Head of Marketing and Public Relations at VW Passenger cars and VW Group Sales in India, Mr. Lutz Kothe had this to say. “The market is totally overestimating what we are spending. The trick behind the Volkswagen success story is – Hit once hard and big to create awareness and then go very selective.”

As such, despite not overspending on advertising and marketing, the company is so successful.  The dominating once and then going selective on media approach ensures that VW makes the right entry in a big way at the very onset.  This is a game changer, and proves why they score so well in the Indian car market.
Volkswagen follows the policy of making its presence felt in a big way, and this has been what they have been following in India. We saw that at the Jetta launch in Mumbai this year where an aerialist wowed the media.

A huge print campaign to create a buzz followed by reaching their targeted audience through digital media and selective TV channels is the mantra. Though VW is a recent entrant in the Indian auto market, they have managed to understand customer’s needs and have channeled this to create a brand that appeals, and this has been the reason for their success in India.

Mr. Kothe added. “It is simultaneously a risk and an opportunity. The risk is that as a newcomer, you clearly have to understand the customer’s needs concerning rational and emotional aspects and have to combine it with the profile of brand and product to create a relevant benefit for your customers without building on a brand heritage. The opportunity is that you can start with a blank sheet of paper and form the brand and product profiles, while creating an aspirational world around it.”