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Volkswagen MQB platform to deliver $19 billion gross savings by 2019


Morgan Stanley estimates have revealed that the Volkswagen MQB platform will deliver annual gross savings of $19 billion (INR 1,03,186 crores) form 2019.

Volkswagen MQB platform to deliver $19 billion gross savings by 2019Volkswagen introduced their Modularer Querbaukasten or MQB Platform a year ago. It was first seen in the third generation Audi A3. This MQB platform may well be a way through which the German manufacturers achieve their road to success in becoming the number one auto manufacturer by 2018.

Volkswagen developed this highly versatile platform, which will underpin a number of future cars in the company‚Äôs line up in the future. Already proving its worth on the Audi A3, VW Golf and Skoda Octavia, the platform can easily feature in future small cars and SUV’s. For VW it will mean that the company will be able to save large amounts of money on developing and manufacturing costs. Following the success of this MQB platform, VW is also working on an MLB platform for vehicle with longitudinal engines and the MSB platform for real and all wheel drive vehicles, reports CarScoop.

Hackenberg, Development Chief, Volkswagen, said, “Modular platforms have grown beyond the technology (alone) to become a management tool which helps support the brands’ development. The toolkits help the brands to preserve their character and sharpen their individuality.” Along with all the positivities, there is one downside too. If there is a fault, then the number of cars which will be recalled will be very high.


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