Volkswagen new Multimodal Logistics Center Wolfsburg (MLW) in Fallersleben

Volkswagen with the aim of strengthening its logistical capabilities, the company opened its new Multimodal Logistical Centre in the Wolfsburg plant. With the inauguration new Multimodal Logistics Center Wolfsburg (MLW) in Fallersleben, the VW will be able to control the delivery of components to its dealers in a systematic centralized way.

With opening of this new new Multimodal Logistics Center Wolfsburg facility, the company hopes that its logistical and delivery chains will be more structured and pose a tough competition to its rivals. Apart from strengthening its position in the market, the opening of this new centre also helped to make permanent jobs for those working and in turn created a new avenue of jobs for those looking for work in the automobile manufacturing sector. At the new centre, logistics as also the delivery of CKD kits to manufacturing plants will be the main priority

The logistics centre is built making use of eco friendly materials coupled with solar system facility and an efficient LED outdoor lighting facility which will help to save moneys where energy costs are concerned. Construction of the site started in 2011 and the site was built up to its current day image within a year’s time. There were about 60 contractors working on this project which costs €26 million.

Auto news release: Volkswagen inaugurates new logistics center in Wolfsburg
Efficient material and vehicle logistics supports global growth strategy of the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen is expanding the logistics capacities at its Wolfsburg plant. Astrid Lühring, Volkswagen Group Logistics, Bärbel Weist, Mayor of the Fallersleben district of Wolfsburg, and Stephan Wolf, Member of the Group Works Council, today inaugurated the new Multimodal Logistics Center Wolfsburg (MLW) in Fallersleben. In future, the delivery of components and parts to Volkswagen plants and new and used vehicles to Volkswagen dealers in the region will be centrally controlled.

“The growth strategy of the Volkswagen Group poses steeper challenges for both production and logistics. It is our task to ensure the capacities required throughout the world with efficient processes and stable logistics chains. With our new Multimodal Logistics Center, we are adapting our concepts in line with our requirements,” explained Thomas Zernechel, Head of Volkswagen Group Logistics on the occasion of the inauguration. “We have paid special attention to environmental aspects. In this way, we are contributing to the achievement of the Volkswagen Group’s worldwide sustainability targets. On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone involved in the successful completion of the project.”

“With the new logistics center, we have made existing jobs at Wolfsburg more secure and also created new jobs. Volkswagen Logistics has impressively demonstrated that it is of strategic importance for the group,” said Works Council coordinator Wolf during the inauguration ceremony.

In the new material and vehicle logistics center, Volkswagen is combining two key logistics functions at its Wolfsburg site. From the facility in the Fallersleben district of Wolfsburg, Volkswagen Logistics will in future be controlling the delivery of new and used vehicles in the regions of Wolfsburg, Hanover, Brunswick, Göttingen and Magdeburg. In addition, the Center will be responsible for the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) shipment of vehicle parts and components to the production facilities of the Volkswagen Group.

Together with the inland port planned by GVZ Entwicklungsgesellschaft Wolfsburg, the Logistics Center will form a high-performance node meeting the requirements for tri-modal shipment (road, rail, waterways). The environmental orientation of the new logistics center is underscored by the eco-friendly use of recycled materials in the wear courses under the asphalt, a solar system for hot water preparation and LED outdoor lighting at the facility. Group Logistics is making a key contribution to the achievement of Group environmental targets. In the spring of 2012, Volkswagen committed to improve the environmental compatibility of production by 25 percent by 2018.

Construction work at the site in Fallersleben/Sülfeld, located about 5 kilometers from Volkswagen’s plant in Wolfsburg, started in July 2011. The first FBU (fully built up) storage stations were already completed nine months later. The construction of the CKD logistics hall and ancillary buildings was completed in September 2012. The new logistics center was designed and implemented by Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH. More than 60 contractors and offices, mainly from the region, were involved in work on the project, which had a total cost of about €26 million.