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Volkswagen Passat 20 million deliveries, Life begins at 40 with the 7th gen sedan

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Making its entry into back in July of 1973, the Volkswagen Passat has been around for the past 40 years. The much loved vehicle has been designed by Giorgio Giugiaro and was initially meant for something smaller, while it has risen in esteem to being a luxury model as on date.

Volkswagen_Passat (5)VW Passat soon shot to fame and became one of the best selling cars in Germany. Close to 2.5 million units of the Passat were sold by 1980 after which the model went out of production.

The Passat entered soon after, as a redesigned model with a five cylinder petrol engine and a turbodiesel engine and continued with its future generations each receiving more improvements that its predecessor. The third generation made its debut in 1987 while the 1993 and 1997 models added to features such as enhanced fuel efficiency, safety and comforts.

Six generations of Passat have each been strong in auto markets. The car was included in the European Car of the Year thrice while it was shortlisted as World Car of the Year in 2006. Its seventh generation is among three of the VW models to enter top 10 list of bestselling cars in the world as the company continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary.


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