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Volkswagen Polo survives an elephant in African Jungle

Volkswagen Polo survives an elephant in African Jungle (1)

When a massive bull elephant decided to get up and personal with a parked Volkswagen Polo, it was bound to scare its human occupants beyond measure. This is exactly what happened at a South African safari when a bull elephant got too close for comfort to VW Polo bursting its 4 tyres and breaking its windows and chassis in his frenzy.

Volkswagen Polo survives an elephant in African Jungle (1)

Photo by Armand Grobler Photography used by permission

The entire footage of an amorous elephant was captured by Armand Grobler, 21, a field guide and lodge manager, in Pilanesburg National Park in South Africa who could only watch helplessly. The bull elephant was apparently in its musth period when elephants are said to get extra aggressive as testosterone levels peak to over 60 time above normal limits.

The bull elephant had its fill, displaying absolutely no signs of aggression and appeared to be in a playful mood as it left the Volkswagen Polo hatchback in a complete mess while scaring the occupants who feared for their lives. Elephants usually use fallen trees or logs and rocks to scratch themselves or remove parasites but this bull elephant obviously had more expensive tastes for his back scratcher.

Once the elephant had finished his scratching he continued on his way oblivious of the scared occupants who both emerged in shock but happy to be alive. The VW Polo was not so lucky as its windows were smashed, chassis broken and all four tyres busted.

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