Volkswagen presents results of POWERFUL Research Project to EU Commissioner for Climate Protection


In a bid to reduce CO2 emission from internal combustion engines with the latest of technology is the step taken by Volkswagen as they presented results of POWERFUL Research Project to EU Commissioner for Climate Protection. Volkswagen presented their study to Connie Hedegaard at the 2012 EUCAR Annual Conference at AUTOWORLD, Brussels.

EU Research Project POWERFUL (Powertrain for Future Light duty vehicles) offers measures and solution of reducing CO2 emissions through combustion processes, compression, fuel injection, coatings and other such techniques. The engine is designed to meet these requirements while downsizing and generating output of 70 Kw and peak torque of 250Nm from a three cylinder engine with 1.4 liters of displacement.

The research project presented to EU Commissioner for Climate Protection Connie Hedegaard also consisted of advanced cylinder pressure control, a combination of two exhaust gas circulatory systems that monitor combustion process which will offer cylinder pressure control automatic optimization of combustion processes even at varying fuel qualities. This prevents wear and tear due to auto emissions.



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