Volkswagen projects Golf Blue e-Motion fleet with international roadshow in 8 countries

To project their fleet of 24 Golf Blue e-Motion vehicles Volkswagen has taken out a road show across 8 countries from Western Europe to Japan. This is the way in which Volkswagen hopes to garner attention for their new Golf Blue e-Motion vehicle while also educating the public on what e-mobility is all about.

Trials were conducted in Germany and other international markets and the company is ready to offer these new electric Volkswagen vehicles to their customers. From now to Fall, Volkswagen 24 Golf Blue e-Motion vehicles will be touring from Germany to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Britain and Netherlands across the Far East to Japan.

The company will be conducting road shows especially for companies and businesses where fleet cars are more in use and where electric cars will play a major role and result in optimum use of fuel and lead to less auto emissions. Fleet cars travel less than 50 kms per day but use maximum amount of fuel due to stop and go operations across urban streets.

During these road shops besides fleet car owners, media and the general public will also be given a chance to check out the advantages and features of this new technology.

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Volkswagen launches international roadshows with Golf Blue-e-Motion fleet

Market preparation phase for electromobility has started

Wolfsburg, Volkswagen has started an international roadshow with a fleet of 24 Golf Blue-e-Motion vehicles in eight West European countries and Japan. The events aim to prepare different customer groups for the introduction of electromobility at Volkswagen. During the roadshows, participants will be able to test-drive a Golf Blue-e-Motion and to inform themselves about e-mobility. At the same time, Volkswagen will be gathering experience with the use of the new technology in the various markets.

“Following successful technical trials of the Golf Blue-e-Motion in Germany and other international markets, we are now presenting the new electric Volkswagen to our customers. We are also offering them a chance to drive electric vehicles and try electromobility out for themselves,” said Christian Klingler, Management Board Member of Volkswagen AG and the Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand responsible for sales and marketing. Through to the fall, a fleet of 24 Golf Blue-e-Motion vehicles will be touring Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as Japan.

One customer group that will be specifically targeted at the roadshows is fleet customers. Especially for companies and businesses involved in urban or local services or deliveries, electric vehicles offer key advantages. About 80 percent of the vehicles travel no more than 50 kilometers per day and use considerable amounts of fuel in stop-and-go urban traffic. An electric vehicle used during the daytime and connected to the power socket at night offers a meaningful alternative.

In Germany, fleet customers will have an opportunity to test-drive the Golf Blue-e-Motion comprehensively during the roadshow. Presentations will provide useful information on electromobility: What electric cars will Volkswagen be offering? How does charging work and what power should you use to save most CO2? For consumers, Volkswagen will be offering test drives in the Golf Blue-e-Motion at selected events and shows, such as the AMI in Leipzig in June.

During the roadshows in other West European countries and Japan, not only fleet customers but also the media, the authorities and interested members of the general public will have an opportunity to try the new technology out for themselves.