Volkswagen to launch new small car powered by 800 cc engine in India, Brazil and China

Within a short span of time, automobile maker Volkswagen has established its presence in the Indian car market. The automobile major is aware that introducing small cars in India is a profitable move. The excellent response Polo is getting from small car enthusiasts, has Volkswagen excited. To further gain dominance in the Asian car market, the auto company has announced that it will introduce a new small car based on its UP model.

Although Volkswagen officials have not disclosed release-date details, however experts believe the small car will be available next year after it is displayed at the Paris Grand Palais, Champs Elysees, Paris. There is a huge demand for small cars in India, China and Brazil and Volkswagen knows it all too well.Volkswagen will launch the new small car in both petrol and diesel powered engine variants. Petrol variant will be powered by an 800 cc engine whereas the diesel variant will be powered by a 1.2L engine.

Volkswagen has invested heavily in India. Volkswagen’s ambitious plans are to make India a global manufacturing hub. Toughest competitors for Volkswagen in the small car segment are Maruti and Hyundai, the top two car manufacturers in India currently.

In order to gain dominance in the Asian car markets, Volkswagen had bought 19.9% stake in Japanese car manufacturer, Suzuki Motors. But we all know what has happened of that deal. Anyways, Volkswagen is good enough on its own and in order to achieve their dream of becoming the largest car manufacturer in the world by 2018, they will need to dominate car markets in India and China. Volkswagen aims to capture 8%-10% share of the Indian auto industry by 2018.