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Volkswagen confirms SUV’s larger and smaller than Tiguan: Plans low cost brand to compete with Renault Dacia and Nissan Datsun


Renault Nissan new Dacia brand is doing well in emerging markets and across Europe while the new Nissan Datsun is also expected to see good results in similar markets once launched. Nissan has sold 60,000 vehicles in Indonesia alone during the past year which Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the company would like to take to new heights and increase to 250,000 units by 2014, by when Datsun will be launched.

All these plans and figures have had an impact on Volkswagen who is contemplating bringing in a new low cost model to compete. Volkswagen plan to bring in this competitive model by early 2015. It is not yet sure what this model will be whether it is a sedan, hatchback, wagon or SUV but competing on the price factor is certain.

To be able to compete with the likes of a Dacia or Datsun, VW will have to keep pricing in the €6,000 to €8,000 bracket as the Dacia Sandero starts at €6,790 in Germany where the Volkswagen UP! is priced at € 9,975. Apart from this, Volkswagen has confirmed that they will be building new SUV’s which will be bigger and smaller than their currently available SUV, Tiguan.

Source: AutoBlog


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