Volkswagen Think Blue campaign launched along with Mudra Max – VW Beetle Scrap (Photos)

‘Think Blue’ campaign projects Volkswagen not only as a brand of luxury cars but as the auto company which has come down through ages, offering its customers quality, sustainability, reliability and performance. Think Blue campaign is formulated along with Mudra Max which rightly promotes Volkswagen as a brand and has evolved into a responsible brand caring for the environment along with development.

Volkswagen Beetle is a piece of art which has been put together by an Indian artist who was invited to build the vehicle completely out of scrap. The car is brought to life via various discarded pieces of scrap and it took the team over 15 days to bring this life sized Beetle to life. In all, 2805 pieces of scrap including 800 spark plugs, 800 bottle crowns, 200 bottle caps, 60 mother boards not to mention computer key boards, hard disks, CDs, audio cassettes, speakers, beer cans etc have been used to bring out this artistic life-sized Beetle. This piece of art will travel to Mumbai and Delhi and other locations around the country so as to project the company’s commitment to cleaning up the environment and making the world a better and cleaner place to live in.

The advertisement campaign created by Volkswagen in conjuncture with Mudra Max has created quite a stir. The Facebook fan page of Think Blue Volkswagen Beetle pictures created out of a load of scrap collected from various clean up operations conducted by the company has received over 1000 likes, 150 people shares and 600 pictures of VW Beetle. This is only within the first week of activity.

The concept of Fence Branding preceded the Think Blue campaign and went out worldwide on 15th December 2011. Continuous running space would complement storytelling and this could be seen with huge fences being erected at Inorbit Mall, Travelators at Delhi T3 airport and fence branding at Delhi T1 airport. Besides this a Delhi Metro train was also enveloped in the Think Blue campaign so as to take the story across the length and breadth of Delhi. A clean up drive was also conducted by the company at Pragati Maidan in Delhi on January 6th and 7th during the Delhi Auto Expo and all such garbage was put on public display to spread awareness and ensure more responsible behavior among general public.