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Volkswagen Tiguan SUV and Touran recalled – More than 7 lakh units affected

Volkswagen has issued a recall notice for certain units of 2018 Tiguan and Touran SUVs. This safety campaign includes a total of 700,000 units of the Tiguan and Touran models produced upto 5th July 2018.

The company states that warning lights built into the sunroofs have not been properly insulated and there is risk of short circuit if they become wet.

Volkswagen has noted that the LED strip in the optional panoramic roof and ambient lighting of these 700,000 cars has not been properly insulated. It could attract humidity and result in a short circuit while in extreme circumstances could even cause a fire.

It is not known if the automaker has received reports of any incidents relating to this problem, but precautions have been taken. Recalls in Germany alone include 30,000 units of the Tiguan and 22,500 units of the Touran. Owners have been contacted about the recall but can use them till further notice.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been recalling 2018 Tiguan models since 24th July with 45,457 units. All of these units have the optional panoramic sun roof and subject to a fire risk. Technicians have been offering a temporary solution to this risk by disconnecting the power supply to the LED module until proper service action is undertaken.

Also on sale in India, the VW Tiguan is priced from Rs 27 lakhs here. It is not clear if the recall affects the Tiguan SUVs sold in India or not.


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