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Volkswagen Up! based SUV design concept

The VW Rocky 3-door SUV concept has been revealed with the designer stating that it will be built on the Up! small car platform. The resulting concept showcases a tough and strong SUV crossover that will be infused with a daring and youthful look as compared to other SUV’s.

The front of the SUV boasts of a narrow grille like that seen on the Golf as also big headlights, and floating cameras. Rear end has a glass door which is framed inside the body of the car which has elevated pilot lights blending with the spoiler on top to create a floating effect.

The three door concept is a compact package of fun at 3.7 meters. This SUV will be powered by four electric motors that will be placed inside the wheels with plastic rims to cover them. Its versatile structure makes it possible for the Rocky to hold an explosion/hybrid engine under the hood if the need arises.

Wide sheet surfaces and a boxy design provide a car with great stature and there is also a version that boasts of a rugged look accentuated due to presence of unpainted fenders and aluminum touches. Below are quotes from designer, on the VW small SUV concept.

VW Rocky Concept Project by Rafael Gordo García:
“In the exterior I was looking for a really strong, solid image, that could be recognized as a Volkswagen at first glance, but with a younger, more daring look than the rest of VW SUV’s (Tiguan, Touareg).”

“The proportions, with the short, horizontal hood and really short overhangs, give the Rocky a very solid yet agile image.

“Its boxy forms, wide sheet surfaces and pronounced fenders provide the car of a great stance.

“The narrow and angular DLO gives the Rocky a very dynamic look, without being claustrophobic thanks to the wide glass ceiling.

“The front end has the familiar Volkswagen face, with big headlights fitted on the horizontal, narrow grill like those of the first Golf. The graphic seen on the door also reminds of the classic 181, the ‘first’ off-road Volkswagen, Small cameras on the top of the floating cant rails work as mirrors.”

“At the rear, the glass back door framed inside the body gives the car a really solid image from behind. The elevated pilot lights they blend with the spoiler on the top, creating a floating effect.”

The car is powered by four electric motors set inside the wheels; the light plastic rims completely cover and protect them, with the five arms ‘floating’ over the center.”

“Due to its structure, the Rocky could also fit an explosion/hybrid engine under its hood if necessary in any particular market.”

“There’s also a more rugged version with unpainted bumpers and fenders and aluminum touches.”

Source: CarScoop


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