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Volkswagen UP small car spotted in Pune (Photos)

UP!, the all new small family car from Volkswagen is yet to make its presence felt in the country. The company is probably delaying its launch due to pricing factor. The car that was spotted on test on Pune roads was not the one which is on sale in European markets but a rather trimmed down version which will be most suitable for Indian roads.

Volkswagen UP! which was recently spotted was an entry level model and was a right hand drive with several premium features noted in its interiors. The presence of a four door version and right hand drive makes it possible that this model is being launched in India. Volkswagen UP! is powered by a 3 cylinder petrol engine with options of  59 bhp and 74 bhp while the diesel powered UP! is also predicted for the Indian market. All petrol and diesel variants will come fitted with a 5 speed manual gearbox.

According to Volkswagen, “In launching the up!, Volkswagen is not only putting a new car in motion; it is also redefining the parameters of customization and financing. This means that along with clearly delineated equipment lines on the up!, new features will be offered such as up! boxes – e.g. box sets for shopping, long trips or for children on board. The up! will have an infotainment system that owners can tailor to their personal profiles using apps. And because a small car needs to be affordable, a new financing model known as AutoCredit2 that is exclusively tailored to up! buyers will offer greater financial freedom thanks to its flexible configuration options. And for many people, this will make the goal of driving a safe and economical new car more attainable than ever. Like the Beetle back in the 1950s, one could say that the up! is once again “democratising” car driving.”



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