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Volkswagen Up breaks MINI’s world record for tightest parallel parking

It obviously took a great deal of maneuvering as German stunt driver Ronny Weshselberger edged his three door Volkswagen Up! measuring 11’ and 7.37” into a miniscule amount of parking space measuring just 12’ and 0.88”.  This feat has resulted in breaking the Guinness World Record which till date was held by the MINI.

What the German stunt driver did was a remarkable feat, considering that once the Volkswagen Up! was safely parked without a dent or scratch it left just the length of a Bic pen, which showed how much of maneuvering it must have taken to get the Volkswagen Up! into the correct parking position.

This record breaking feat was performed by Weshselberger or Ronny C’Rock as he is better known and took place at the Flugplatz Kindel in Eisenach, Germany. It was earlier this year that driver Han Yue of China maneuvered a Mini into a parking space leaving just 15 cms of vehicle and the two vehicles in the front and rear. Watch both videos below.

Tightest Parallel Park – Guinness World Records, VW UP!, Germany, Nov 2012


Tightest parallel parking ever, Guiness World Record, Mini, China, June 2012


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