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Volta Reveals 16-Tonne Electric Truck For Cargo Deliveries

Volta plans to go into production by 2022 in the UK, with trails planned with some of the biggest cargo movers in Europe by early 2021

As time goes by, we will get to read and learn more about electric mobility solutions. With two-wheelers and passenger vehicle cars already manufactured at mass scales, it is time that the commercial vehicle segment goes through an electrification process as well. While we recently saw the example of Hyundai developing an electric bus, now we get to see an electric truck.

Swedish electric auto startup Volta Trucks has unveiled its first product and it is called ‘Zero’ which signifies zero emission. This 16-tonne electric truck is specifically designed for freight and parcel deliveries within city limits. The company expects to start production in the UK by 2022 and aims to have 500 units of Zero by the end of that year. Volta has forged many valuable partnerships that might help shape its future as an electric mobility solutions provider.

Performance and Range

The Volta will be powered by a 160-200 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack which will give a range of 150-200km. Its Swedish counterpart Volvo has also developed an electric truck that gives a much better range of up to 300km. It can attain a top speed of 90 kmph. It offers a space of 37.3 cubic meters and a maximum payload capacity of 8.6 tonnes.

Volta Electric Truck

The company can also employ an innovative e-Axle to send power to the rear wheels instead of a traditional driveshaft setup and electric motor. To be specific, the transmission, axle and electric motor are contained within a single lightweight unit thus making it more efficient.

Exterior body panels and some interior of the cabin are made from biodegradable resins and flax fibers. Inside the cabin, the driver sits in the middle on a swivel chair far lower than conventional trucks at about 1.8 metre (6 ft.). This makes it easier for the driver to communicate to the ones around the truck outside like pedestrians, cyclists, motorists etc.


Volta Electric Truck

There are two touchscreens on each side of the driver instrument cluster which gives out information such as route planning, navigation, climate control, in-cab media, communication and more. The driver gets a 220-degree view thanks to the large windows which have been designed for reducing blind spots and optimum visibility. For making easier ingress and egress, the Volta Zero gets fast opening sliding doors on each side of the cabin.

Instead of traditional side mirrors, Volta has used rear-view cameras. A 360-degree camera detects objects near the periphery at blindspots. Other notable safety features include reverse parking assist, active steering, lane assist and lane watch camera among many more. There’s also the AI-monitoring system which will enable fleet operators to run their vehicles on road for a longer duration.

Volta Electric Truck
Driver is seated in the center

Volta is planning to begin trails with some of the biggest parcel delivery and logistics companies in Europe in early 2021. The prototype vehicle features in the photos was built by UK-based company Prodrive Advanced Technology. Volta hasn’t yet revealed its price.

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