Volvo Drive E 2.0l engine concept delivers 450 hp (Video)

Volvo 2l 450 hp engineIn a conventional twin turbo engine, the setup usually is such that one turbo is larger, and the other is smaller. This is because the smaller unit has a lighter compressor, which is able to spool up quicker as compared to that of larger turbo’s compressor. Faster the spool, lower the turbo lag.

Instead of two turbochargers, this new Volvo Drive E Concept comes with 3 turbos. Two are parallel conventional one’s, while there is a additional smaller third unit. This smaller unit’s compressor is spooled electrically, using an electric motor, thus the compressor not needing exhaust gasses in order to spool up. The compressed air from this electrically driven unit, is then used to spool up the two parallel turbochargers. This triple boost arrangement, Volvo claims, delivers “dynamic drivability without any turbo lag”.

This technology is new for a four cylinder engine, but the concept is already seen in 2014 F1 cars, and 2014 WEC. Also, Audi had announced a similar arrangement for their concept RS5 TDI earlier this year, which was a twin turbo, unlike Volvo’s triple turbo.