New Volvo 3 cylinder Drive E engine aims to deliver 183 PS

Volvo’s new 3 cylinder Drive E engine is a part of the company’s new range of engines and draws attention to Volvo’s prowess in engineering and commitment to efficient power. Developed with CMA architecture, the new 3 cylinder Drive E engine from Volvo will be seen on the S60 and V60 models, while ensuring that they comply with Euro 7 emission standards.

2015 volvo 3 cyl engine
New 3-cylinder engine developed by Volvo Cars in Sweden

The 3-cylinder Drive-E engine from Volvo will generate up to 183 PS peak power approximately. This new engine is part of company’s strategy which is to not only downsize engines but to also rely more on turbocharging and supercharging instead of resorting to larger engines. The smaller and more efficient engine also maintain competitive power outputs while complying with stricter emission norms.

2015 volvo 3 cyl engine
Broad range of performance levels up to around 180 hp

This new 3 cylinder Drive E engines from Volvo Cars will be produced on the same assembly line as the 4 cylinder one’s, due to the fact that they are to be built on modular platform. Prototype of the new 3 cylinder Drive E promises to be highly responsive, compact and powerful, and is expected to help Volvo achieve emission target of 95 g/km for Europe by 2020, from where its current average of 120 g/km.