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Volvo Cars new intuitive tech in-car touch screen to be seen in XC90

The touch screen does away with buttons and controls that are the norm. In its place, you interact with one clean and sleek control panel. Tablet functionality will be synced with new solutions designed for in-car environment. Interaction transcends to the digital instrument cluster too.

The layout is referred to as a stack of flexible tiles that each display a key functionality. Navigation sits atop, followed by media, telephone and and digital climate controls. A thin notification band is located above the tiles. An easy to use interface, it includes thumb-reach controls on the steering wheel and wide ranging voice-control possibilities.

Upon interaction, a tile on the touch screen expand to display required information, and others are compressed, but still visible and accessible rightaway.

“The basic idea is to organize controls and information in a perfectly intuitive and user-friendly way. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be, making the drive more enjoyable, efficient, and safe,” says Thomas Ingenlath, senior vice president design at Volvo Car Group.

“The new user interface is designed to create a smooth, logical and safe interaction between the driver and the car,” says Ingenlath. “This goes far beyond just putting a large tablet in the center of the dashboard. We have created a digital environment that is fully integrated in the car.”

“Information, navigation and media are high up and easy to keep an eye on. The phone controls, application icons and climate controls are located low, comfortable to reach and touch. Using the screen is so logical that it will be part of your muscle memory very quickly,” explains Ingenlath.

“Having all functions present all the time makes the touch screen exceptionally user-friendly. The spacious layout also promotes smooth interaction without distraction,” says Ingenlath.

“Creating this crystal clear, yet calm, environment is a core part of our digital craftsmanship. It is fine for an ordinary tablet to fight for your full attention but a touch screen in a car is very different. Information must be clear and user-friendly, without turning up the visual volume so much that you risk losing focus on the road. This also makes it easier to make really urgent information, such as a warning, much more distinctive,” concludes Ingenlath.

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