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Volvo FM 48 10×4 dump truck for mining in India


Implementing new market strategies is a priority for auto manufacturers as there is a lot of competition in the car market these days. Taking a cue from the ongoing economic downslide and decrease in Indian rupee Volvo has implements new marketing strategies which enable it to stand out amongst other brands in the auto sector.

Apart from this, Volvo has launched the FM 480 10×4 dump truck for the mining sector in India. It’s one of the largest dump trucks in India which as been designed specifically for open- cast mining sites. The truck is built on the FM 13 liter platform and is powered by a n engine capable of producing 480 HP of power and 2400 Nm of peak torque. Efficiency, productivity and performance are the three factors that have been taken into consideration when designing this model.

Volvo trucks are used in a wide area of scenarios ranging from mining to construction as also farming sector. Trucks are also used for transportation of cargo and assorted special cargo consignments. Volvo control nearly 70% of the truck industry and with launch of this mining truck it hopes to consolidate its position in the market.


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