Volvo Iron Knight truck is a 2400 PS speed record monster

The Volvo Iron Knight is a custom truck which set to attempt international speed record on August 24. You will be able to watch it in action first if you tune into Volvo Truck’s official Youtube channel on the said date at 10:00 am CET.

The Iron Knight is a result of collaboration between technicians, designers and engineers. Apart from the D13 engine and the stock i-Shift Automated Manual Transmission, the Iron Knight is full of custom made parts.

The engineers have played around with the engine management software and modified a lot of components to achieve tarmac fraying outputs of 2,400 PS and 6,000 Nm of torque. The engine will be lugging a 4.5-tonne truck.

With a power-to-weight ratio of little above 0.5 hp/kg should make it a real speed record monster. Wheels, suspensions, brakes and a whole lot of other mechanical components have been tailor made for the record setting attempt.

Volvo Iron Knight custom truck (4)
The Iron Knight has a lot of new aerodynamic elements.

The truck’s fibre panels, bumpers, air-intakes and side skirts are all aerodynamically optimized to reduce drag. The company’s engineers are confident that the i-Shift transmissions quick response will play a crucial role in the super truck’s acceleration.

Volvo is no stranger to spellbinding videos that promote its product’s salient features. Remember Van Damme’s epic split video? The company CEO Claes Nilsson says that the project is aimed at getting new insights into technical and design solutions. A few these insights will be transferred to production models in the future.

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