Watch the 2400 PS Volvo Iron Knight shatter the world land speed record for trucks

Volvo Trucks timed the release of Iron Knight’s world record video just a few hours after the next gen Scania truck range‘s global unveil. Is it merely a coincidence or is it a smart and deliberate move by Volvo to steal the limelight? You be the judge.

For the uninitiated, the Volvo Iron Knight is a custom truck which has been purpose built to shatter the FIA world land speed record for trucks.

The heavily modified tractor was piloted by truck racing veteran Boije Ovebrink who set out to beat his own previous record. The Iron Knight is powered by a mid-mounted D13 13-litre diesel engine which is heavily modified. Thanks to four turbochargers and a water-cooled intercooler, the motor produces an enormous power output of 2,400 PS and an amazing torque of 6,000 Nm.

Transferring the colossal potential of the powerhouse is the Volvo i-Shift dual-clutch transmission which is almost in stock condition. The primary purpose of this record run (apart from stealing the limelight from Scania) is to demonstrate the i-Shift gearbox’s prowess when it comes to quick shifting without noticeable loss of torque.

Volvo Iron Knight custom truck (5)

The truck gets lowered ride height (custom suspension) and a fibreglass cabin which is aerodynamically optimized. The result is an imposing juggernaut that now holds the land speed record for 1,000 m at 21.29 seconds (average speed of 169 kmph) and 500 m at 17.31 seconds (average speed 131.29 kmph).

The Volvo Iron Knight reached a top speed of 276 kmph during the record run on a closed runway strip in Sweden. We could only imagine how intimidating the Knight would be when it’s rushing down the road with that sheer momentum!

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