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New Volvo Lounge Console concept demonstrated on XC90 Excellence

At 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, Volvo Cars has unveiled a new accessory concept that adds a whole new dimension of luxury and comfort for the one’s who are always looking to get more luxury out of their luxury car.

The new Volvo Lounge Console concept has been tested and demonstrated on a Volvo XC90 Excellence, at Auto Shanghai.

Volvo Lounge Console concept is a brand new solution to add storage and entertainment features in a car that doesn’t usually ride a shotgun. So the front passenger seat is yanked and in its place the Lounge Console is mounted, directly in front of the subject it serves.

The console takes in-car luxury to new heights, but packing a roster of features and provisions. For starters, the new in-car equipment offers a large work table that can open to disclose an illuminated vanity mirror. It has a storage tray that can safely store items like personal accessories (jewellery) or make-up kit for women, and stuff like gadgets for men. There is also a lockable storage compartment. Below the leg rest cushion, another box opens up to store shoes. Further, the table can rotate 90 degrees to reveal a 17 inch in-car theatre screen.


Volvo Cars stresses that it is exploring new ways to ease a busy executive lifestyle, where a car would be a kind of the only place that offers some space and time between back-to-back meetings and events. Identifying car as the only opportunity for such persons to relax and refresh between their busy schedules, Volvo Lounge Console concept is designed to offer the most of the same.

Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo Car Group’s Senior Vice President of Design, said removal of front passenger seat opened up an array of ideas and new possibilities, and it changes the entire dynamics of a car’s interior.

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