Volvo new car technology for safer driving

A pilot project is being launched using cars connected to virtual cloud which will allow direct relay of road conditions. The equipped cars will send information in real time about various road conditions and patches of tarmac which may be slippery or icy. This will allow drivers to be forewarned about dangers ahead thus permitting them to take suitable precautions and modify driving techniques and speeds suitably.

Slippery road warning shared with other carsVolvo Car Group is presently testing this technique and has about 50 test cars on the road which will be increased considerably by next winter. Their endeavor is to make this technology available to all Volvo customers in the next few years.

Information is transmitted to Volvo data base via mobile phone network which in turn sends instant warning to all Volvos in the region with an illumination on the instrument cluster. The new system also helps in speeding up road crew response time. This cloud based technology sends road condition updates to Government organizations in charge of road repair and maintenance permitting them to respond faster to repairing roads or dispatching trucks to clear off sleet and snow thus resulting in better traffic flow.

This new strategy is part of the Volvo new Scalable Product Architecture cloud based safety solution which brings the company closer to their safety vision that there should be no deaths or serious injuries in a Volvo car by 2020.