Volvo Polestar Racing podium finish in V8 supercars 2nd race

Scott McLaughlin finished 2nd on the podium in the second ever V8 Supercars race for Volvo Polestar Racing. And while the rcae had its fair share of cars brushing against each other, it was the last-lap battle with reigning champion Jamie Whincup that secured McLaughlin’s position in the 2nd race of the 2014 V8 Supercars premiere in Adelaide.

Scott_McLaughlin“What an amazing day for Volvo Polestar Racing and GRM. I can’t thank them and the fans enough. I never thought I’d get a trophy here but I did!” said McLaughlin.

Starting from 2nd place on the grid, he battled with Red Bull Racing’s Australia driver Whincup all along.The last lap may as well have been a photo finish moment with Whincup making a move 4 corners from the end. Both drivers ran side by side for three corners, with Whincup getting past going into the last corner, but it was McLaughlin who capitalised and moved ahead in the last run to the finish line.

“I slowed down too much, I should have blocked Whincup a bit better. But he got me and we went side-by-side and it was pretty good racing. I got him in the end and this is for sure one of my best races ever!” said McLaughlin.

Team mate Robert Dahlgren’s two first 125 kilometer races in Adelaide saw him finish in 21st position in race 1 and 23rd position in race 2. McLaughlin finished 7th in the 1st race, meaning 4th in the drivers championship as of now.

“I am of course not pleased with the results. But to expect to be in the top straight away would just be naive, especially on this track. I had about 15 laps in the dry with this car ahead of this weekend and I’ve driven many times that now. I have made a lot of progress and my aim is of course to climb in the result list,” said Dahlgren.

“Scott performed an amazing race and to get a podium finish in our very first race weekend is amazing. Just as the results in qualifying yesterday, this exceeds our expectations by far,” said Christian Dahl, owner of Polestar.