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Volvo Polestar Racing heads to STCC Solvalla race weekend

The STCC Solvalla race comprises 1 race of 40 minutes. Half the races of 2013 include a longer race format and the remainder, of two twenty minute heats. Points for both formats are the same. Solvalla race track, a 20,000 sq metre asphalt layout, which forms the 1,250 mtr race circuit will see 15 of the Sweden’s fastest drivers compete.

Thed Björk, 32, is up ahead for the team with the Volvo driver having secured victory in the season’s first race. “Solvalla is a very technically aggressive circuit, you have to be prepared to work hard with the car on the circuit. Arena circuits suit my driving style really well and that is why I have got high expectations ahead of the weekend,” said Björk.

Robert Dahlgren is placed 4th in the championship currently, is also getting set to improve his second place finish earlier, with a win this weekend. “Victory is of course my goal. But it is going to be really tough, we have a temporary circuit ahead of us that no one has raced on before with these cars. I think we are going to see some surprises in the result list, but I feel ready and I am really looking forward to the weekend,” said Dahlgren.

Linus Ohlsson is the youngest driver had two fifth places in the season’s race opener, and hopes the weekend ahead will be more positive for him. “Revenge is the word for me. I had the speed in the premiere, I claimed the second fatest lap of the race, but we didn’t get the timing right in qualifying and that is vital. Circuits like Solvalla suits me really well, it is all about getting the qualifying right and if we do that, everything is there for a really strong weekend for me,” said Ohlsson. Prince Carl Philip will not race thsi weekend.

Current TTA champion and 3 time STCC champion Fredrik Ekblom beagn the season with two 6 place finishes. “Just as Linus, we didn’t get it right in qualifying, but we had the pace in the race and a deeper analysis than that is not needed. Ahead of Solvalla it is all about finding those small things that gains you a hundredth of a second here and there so we can qualify high up. The circuit looks great and I have spoken to other drivers who have raced there before as preparation. My focus is locked on the challenge of the weekend and I am going to give it all,” said Ekblom.

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