Volvo to offer 100 self-drive cars to public for test in 2017

Going ahead with their endeavour to make driving hassle-free, Volvo has released new information regarding their Drive Me project, which was first announced last year. As part of this project, Volvo will offer 100 self-drive cars to customers in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden.

volvo test selfdrive car
Volvo’s future customers

The pre-selected customers will be given set route inside the city (on public roads), to test the new autonomous cars. All they have to do is feed in destination, and relax, read, conduct business meetings or check their mail, etc while in transit.

Designs on a complete production viable autonomous driving system has been fully formatted by Volvo, which the company claims is based on an in-depth study of latent technical faults. A host of network sensors, cloud based positioning systems and a careful study of various braking and steering techniques have been assessed to ensure that the project is perfect in all respects.

Dr Erik Coelingh, Technical Specialist at Volvo Cars confirms that Volvo self driving cars are 100 percent reliable and are inspired by the aircraft industry. Various sensors which include radar, sonar and laser scanners besides optical cameras offer a 360 degree view around the car thus allowing the car to identify real time hazards and take into account road markings and speed limits.

Safety being prime concern, Volvo 100 Self-Driving Cars being released as a pilot project comes to a complete stop at a safe place if the driver fails to take over. The driver can also take over instantly in the event of technical fault, bad weather or when the journey comes to an end.