Volvo’s technologies to extend to self fuelling cars, that will never need to enter a fuel station ever

The era of smartphones and internet is messing with Volvo’s head, one would say. Another would claim the plethora of Volvo technologies will make a man lazy and lack the sheer pleasure of driving a car that has nothing but metal. But like it or not, we are way past entering the future of automobiles, thanks to the Swedish innovation firm.

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The latest topic of self-fuelling cars is not magic, but marvellous. New range of Volvo’s self-filling cars (yet to hit the roads) is designed to send a message via smartphone to one of mobile fuel suppliers when its fuel tank is running low. The fuel supplier will arrive at the car’s location and use a secure one-off code to open the fuel cap and fill the tank up. Further details regarding payment and similar formalities are not revealed yet, but there are several convenient options for that as you all might already be thinking of.

Among the numerous driver / owner assist technologies unveiled by Volvo, one of their recently tested systems that is similar to the current subject is the parcel delivery system. The company has devised a mechanism where drivers can choose to take delivery of a courier in their car, wherever they are, when they are away from home or office.

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