Volvo Sustainable Mobility Award 2013 winners, ArriveSAFE and Mumbai Environmental Social Network

Volvo Sustainable Mobility Award
The runner up was ECOCABS that combined sustainable mobility and social empowerment. Besides these three winners, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System and EMBARQ India were also recognized for their contribution to sustainable mobility.

ArriveSAFE has aimed at reducing the incidents of road accidents due to drunken driving specially targeting northern states of Punjab and Haryana. It is in these states that ArriveSAFE will join hands with various government organizations to enforce stringent checks on drunken driving and creating awareness and guides to enforcing these measures.

Mumbai Environmental Social Network plans on improving the overall bus system and increase its usage for which they have installed route maps for the route from Kalyan Junction to Mumbai. They also plan on providing such information at railway stations to serve as ready guide to passengers.

ECOCABS want to promote cycle rickshaws as a more affordable, sustainable and eco friendly mode of transportation chiefly for shorter distances. Prize money was at INR 7 lakhs for the winner and INR 3 lakhs for runner up. The two top winners shared the prize money this year.