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Volvo to install speed limiter in all their cars – Aims to achieve 0 deaths in accident

Volvo has a Vision 2020 safety campaign ongoing. While the sound of it is ambitious, and seems almost impossible, it’s an idea that brings cheer to the heart. Swedish automaker Volvo looks forward to 0 fatalities and/or injuries onboard Volvo cars by 2020. There’s no denying that Volvo is already renowned for vehicle safety. So, when looking for a feature rich and capable car, for all who consider safety a priority, Volvo doesn’t fail to be a top choice.

And being a leader in safety isn’t Volvo’s only priority. With its renewed safety focus, Volvo now looks to bring driver behaviour into focus. With advances made on safety tech on a regular basis, Volvo is widening the safety spectrum by including driver behaviour too.

Over the years, development in safety tech has been multi-faceted and continual. Volvo, continues to impress through NCAP crash test results, and as 2020 approaches, safety efforts are being fine-tuned. As time passes, Volvo cars would make speed limiter’s mandatory. The speed level determined is 112 mph top speed (180km/h) from 2020 onward, globally.

Volvo identifies intoxication/ driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as illegal; yet a noticeable behaviour when it comes to injuries and fatalities. Another major concern is distraction. In fact distracted drivers on mobile phones or otherwise are distracted from the concentration required when driving, and are in a big way as dangerous as a drunk driver.

Alongwith limiting top speeds, Volvo is also studying a combination of smart speed control and geofencing technology. This would mean in future, car speed would be automatically limited when around schools and hospitals. These three aspects are according to Volvo cars ‘gaps’ when approaching the end of serious injuries and fatalities in its cars. Speeding, of course is a prominent matter.

When it comes to speeding above certain limit, even in-car safety technology and smart infrastructure design aren’t able to function optimally to avoid injuries and fatalities in an accident. And though speeding limits are a norm in many nations, speeding remains a universal problem, and is a commonly cited reason in case of fatalities in traffic. There’s no denying, speeding remains a prominent cause of death when accident data is collated. This would imply, people don’t recognise the dangers of speeding.

At a special safety event in Gothenburg, Sweden on March 20, 2019, Volvo Cars will present ideas to tackle intoxication and distraction problems in relation to driving.

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