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Volvo to make everyday car driving less stressful by 2014 with technology that follows vehicle in front automatically

Nowadays with the increasing number of vehicles on road, not only daily commute has become more stressful , but there is always a possibility of mishaps taking place. In order to ensure that commuters have a safe journey to their destination, Volvo has designed a technology which automatically follows the vehicle in front. This technology has been developed by Volvo car Corporation and is designed to follow the vehicle in front in slow moving queues.

With the help of this technology one will be able to enjoy driving at a relaxed pace without having to worry about traffic jams and stress of navigating through these scenarios. The technology has evolved from the adaptive cruise control and Lane keeping Aid respectively.

One can turn on this function by simply pressing a button. Once this system is activated, the engine, steering and brakes respond automatically. With the inclusion of this technology which will be available by 2014 Volvo hopes to make commuting little less stressful than it already is. Through this autonomous, technology, Volvo hopes to reach out to its customers and provide for them the experience of self driving cars.


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Sagar Patel

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    Another feather to the Legendary Volvo’s crown. Fiction will become reality