Watch a Volvo truck pull 750 tonnes – Video

Coming up with epic stunts to demonstrate their products’ capabilities are nothing new for Volvo Trucks. The Swedes are at it again. The superstar in their latest stunt challenge is the newly introduced iShift gearbox with crawler gears which is designed to haul extremely heavy loads. Here is a video of a Volvo truck (FH16) equipped with the updated iShift AMT hauling 750 tonnes! The dual-deck payload is 300m long!

Touted to be the world’s strongest truck, the record-setting FH16 was driven by the big Swede Magnus Samuelsson, a Strongman champion who is widely acclaimed as the world’s strongest man. The new iShift gearbox with crawler gears is designed to have easy startability with loads up to 325 tonnes. So the outcome of subjecting it to twice that weight is unknown even to Volvos engineers.

With Samuelsson behind the wheel, renowned truck journalist Brian Weatherley rode shotgun to supervise the things. After a brief hiccup due to locked trailer brakes, the Volvo FH16 crawled majestically, tearing the 100 m tape. A new world record!

Volvo iShift AMT with Crawler gears
The Volvo iShift AMT with crawler gears is designed to haul 325 tonnes in a speed range of 0.5-2 kmph.

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The iShift Automated Manual Transmission is now available with one or two crawler ratios that help the truck move at speeds of 0.5-2 kmph thereby helping in situations where precise movement of heavy goods is of paramount importance. The updated gearbox is about 12 cm longer than the older unit. The customers can also specify reverse crawler gears.

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