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Watch this Volvo Truck in a new Epic Braking video

Watch this Volvo Truck in a new Epic Braking video

Volvo truck fans would surely remember the series of videos which were uploaded on YouTube last year, which highlighted Volvo Trucks, the most famous of them being Van Damme’s Epic Split. FYI, this video has become the most watched ad from an auto manufacturer on YouTube ever. So is Epic braking a new video from Volvo Trucks? Not really. But it stars a Volvo truck.

Watch this Volvo Truck in a new Epic Braking videoA dash cam footage from Russia has gone viral over the internet, amassing over 95k views in less than 24 hours. This footage shows how on applying full brakes of a Volvo truck, the truck driver saves a sure-shot crash at ‘T’ intersection on a highway.

The incidence took place on the highway between Krasnodar and Novorossiysk in Russia, when a driver of a minivan was found napping. Not exactly, but this minivan driver managed to miss sighting a huge oncoming Volvo truck. Lucky for this minivan driver, that the truck driver was attentive, and managed to brake in time, saving a horrible mishap

Sadly, Volvo Trucks had stated that Van Damme’s Epic Split video will be their last in the series. But, then there will always be such Volvo Trucks on road (like the one in video below) which will keep showing us how awesome they are.


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