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Vozz 1.0 RS helmet introduces a revolutionary concept without chinstrap – Video

The Vozz 1.0 RS helmet is arguably the most revolutionary progress ever witnessed in the field of helmet design. The concept, named Voztec Sytem, has been in existence for a decade now but it took so long for the Australian company to come up with a patented market ready product. The Vozz 1.0 RS eliminates the need for chinstrap to secure the helmet firmly on the head. Instead, the head gear splits vertically and the rear part of the shell pivots around a hinge located on top. This way, the designers have avoided the need for the helmet to have a hole big enough for the head to slide in. Once locked into place, there is no way of accidental removal, claims the company. The design also enables better protection of the chin from impacts and climate from below (also reduces aerodynamic lift at high speeds). The vertical split and lock arrangement also allows the rider to wear the Vozz 1.0 RS helmet without having to remove his/her spectacles. Apart from reducing the changes of accidental removal compared to a regular helmet with chinstrap, the advanced helmet from Vozz is provided with two removable screws for the hinge so that para medical team can free the person from the helmet quickly and without applying any pressure to the head or spinal chord in case of an accident. Another innovative feature is the adjustable chin guard whose length can be varied by a set of screws hidden behind the cheek pads. The concept makes for a closer and better fit, thereby making its more comfortable and safer than the traditional helmets.

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The Vozz 1.0 RS helmet is offered with three EPS (expanded polystyrene) liners and is available in three shell sizes. Online sales is set to commence on 23rd of December and we will be knowing the prices then.

Vozz 1.0 RS Helmet – Photos

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