Vritti i-Media audio advertising boosts Chevrolet and Bajaj Auto sales in Maharashtra non metros

In a bid to boost falling sales, automobile companies have come up with a novel way of advertising for cars and bikes.  Outdoor advertising for dealers of Chevrolet and Bajaj Auto are expected to boost sales by 10%, especially in rural and semi urban areas of the state.

These tunes and advertisements can be heard at local bus stands through Vritti i-Media’s award winning audio advertising network and are said to target local agriculturalists, businessmen and youngsters.  Vritti i-Media along with A C Nielson conducted a study whereby they found that a small percentage of people at MSRTC bus stands are potential customers.  Lively advertisements with interesting tunes and jingles are used with the purpose that these tracks are on the minds of over 40,000 commuters who frequent bus stands on a daily basis.

This is expected to draw attention to the brands and Chevrolet Beat and Bajaj Auto advertisements were aired in between bus announcements at regular intervals from 6 am to 10 pm. Rural areas of Maharashtra are noticed to have a large number of prospective clients for automobiles where the need to improve their status is being noticed.  The constant brand recall endeavor fuels quick call for action amongst potential customers, thereby boosting auto sales.

Owner of Saniya Auto- A leading dealer of Bajaj Auto, Mr.Pankaj Agarwal had this to say about his first experience of the Vritti i-Media network. “This medium has offered us the best value for our money & has given good enquiries from the rural & semi urban markets as compared to other mass mediums. It has given so much more for so less.”

Mr. Veerendra Jamdade, CEO, Vritti i-Media had this to say about the   campaign outcome. “Auto dealers play a vital role for any automobile brand in generating brand awareness and boosting sales at a local level.  We are glad that dealers have recognised our medium as a right place to communicate with their target audience. We are currently running campaigns for various local dealers of Bajaj Auto and Chevrolet Beat targeting middle and upper middle class residing in small towns & rural markets of Maharashtra.”