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VUHL 05 road-legal lightweight supercar development partners Ford, Multimatic and Michelin


Mexico based, VUHL Automotive have released teaser images of what their new road legal sports car VUHL 05 looks like. The road-legal lightweight supercar is scheduled to make its debut next month at Goodwood Festival of Speed that has been developed by Iker & Guillermo Echeverria of Mexican/American Design Agency Etxe.

VUHL 05 (2)Images of VUHL 05 showcase a carbon fiber body which contributes to its light weight. The body is fabricated in Canada while final assembly was completed at Adman Leku in Mexico City. Where dynamics and handling of the vehicle are concerned, the same have been optimized at UK while testing and development are in alliance with Michelin in US and Europe.

The teaser comes just before VUHL 05 debuts at Goodwood Festival of Speed, from 11-14 July 2013. Technical support will be offered from Michelin. VUHL stands for Vehicles of Ultra High Performance and Lightweight. The vehicle has been developed for both track and road use and will come in packed with performance.

VUHL 05 (1)

V?HL Automotive director, Iker Echeverria said, “We are so pleased to add Michelin to our inventory of supporting companies, and look forward to the results of our testing with a variety of the brand’s renowned tyres at their facilities in Europe and the U.S later this year. We will take part in the supercar run as part of the ‘First Glance’ class at Goodwood, and look forward to appearing on the stand at the Michelin Supercar Paddock amongst many of our heroes from the world of high performance cars and motorsport.”



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