VW 1.5L TSI Evo petrol motor with VGT unveiled

The ultra-modern VW 1.5L TSI Evo turbocharged engine which is billed as the world’s first mass market petrol mill to feature Variable Turbine Geometry (commonly referred to as Variable Geometry Turbocharger) has been unveiled at the International Vienna Motor Symposium. The motor is expected to replace the 1.4L TSI unit eventually.

While the VGT is common among diesel engines, the high temperature involved in a petrol engine exhaust system has restricted the technology to high-end performance cars (temperature resistant VGT components are expensive). The EA211 TSI Evo engine addresses the cost issue and makes the technology accessible to price sensitive segments.

VW 1.5L TSI Evo petrol engine with VGT
The 1.5L TSI Evo is available in two states of tune – 126 PS and 148 PS.

The VGT enables the turbine blades to continuously adjust their planes to maximize boost. The end result is a wider torque curve and hence more performance. The motor is available in two states of tunes – 126 PS and 148 PS. The torque output of the base version stands at 200 Nm but the torque figure of the 148 PS version has not been discussed as of now. The company has revealed that the max torque is attained at a low 1,300 rpm.

VW 1.5L TSI Evo petrol engine with VGT
The motor features the first volume-production Variant Turbine Geometry for a petrol engine.

The motor which adopts Millers combustion cycle with a high compression ratio of 12.5:1 is claimed to be 10% more efficient than the 1.4L TSI unit. The VW 1.5L TSI Evo is also compatible with a hybrid powertrain.

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The modern turbocharged direct injection petrol motor would power several VW, Skoda, Audi and Seat cars.

VW 1.5L TSI Evo – Photos

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