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VW BUDD-e Concept inspired by Microbus on display at 2016 CES

2016 VW Budd-E Concept

VW BUDD-e Concept shows off what electric mobility can be in the future.

Built around the Volkswagen Modular Electric Toolkit, VW BUDD-e Concept is on display at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. VW BUDD-e Concept possesses a battery that can last for 233 miles on a single charge. Other highlight includes steering wheel functions with swipe and gesture control.

VW Budd-e concept is also seen with digital screens in the place of mirrors which can be integrated with smart phones. Knobs and buttons are seen throughout its interior along with digital screens. Gesture controls, besides working for the driver also works for passengers for sliding of doors and infotainment system while driver has a range of control options that include voice, gesture, touchscreen and steering controls.

2016 VW Budd-E Concept

2016 VW Budd-E Concept

The four seater VW BUDD-e Concept is powered by two electric motors positioned on the front and rear offering a total power of 301 hp. The 92.4 kWh battery back integrated into the floor offers saving of space while ensuring optimum balance. Chargeable via a 150 kW charger, 80 percent charge is achieved in 30 minutes. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph is achieved in 6.9 seconds while top speed stands at 180 kmph.

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Measuring 181” long, 76.3” wide, and 72.2” high, besides possessing a long 124.1” wheelbase, VW BUDD-e Concept is about the size of the now discontinued Mazda 5 and a bit longer than VW Golf SportWagen. It is being shown as a concept as on date but Volkswagen promises that the BUDD-e could come in as a production car by 2020.


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