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VW to discontinue 40 cars; replace them with EVs

VW is planning to put the forgettable dieselgate behind by working towards becoming the world leader in green transport by 2025. The European auto giant is planning to achieve this goal by adopting various measures including axing several models and replacing them with new ones.

German newspaper Handelsblatt reported recently that the company is planning to discontinue as many as 40 models in the foreseeable future.

 The diesel emissions scandal has forced VW to undergo a massive course correction.

The massive void that would be created by the departing models will be filled up by electric vehicles. Around 30 of them are reported to be under consideration. VW is also looking forward to taking advantage of ride-hailing and autonomous driving technologies increase its green credentials.

The car maker is set to invest billions of euros in its “Together-Strategy 2025”. As of now, VW has 340 model lines including the products under group brands Audi, Skoda, Seat, etc. Reacting to the report, A VW spokesperson stated that a decision on how many models will be discontinued has not been taken yet.

 VW Group wants to be the world leader in green transport by 2025 (image: Q6 e-tron quattro concept).

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The strategy will be aiming to “learn from mistakes made, rectify shortcomings and establish a corporate culture that is open, value-driven and rooted in integrity”. We could witness VW’s increased presence in e-mobility before the turn of this decade.

Audi Q6 e-tron quattro concept – Photos

Via – Reuters.com

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