VW Polo crashes into a restaurant in Ranchi – Video

Little did Ram Singh, his wife and son imagine a routine lunch plan turn into something so much more.

This is yet another accelerator instead of brake accident. While he intended to park his red VW Polo just outside the restaurant, in a split second he had driven into the eatery’s glass front.

While vehicle occupants didn’t pick up injuries, four diners were injured. The restaurant was sufficiently occupied at the time. The restaurant has an empty space that separates it from the main road and is used as parking space by diners. The car owner too was directed to this space.

VW Polo crashes into a restaurant
VW Polo crashes into a restaurant

Upon turning in the car was at normal speed with no warning signal but instead of stopping, at what looks like sufficient parking space, the car continues to move ahead, first taking down a parked bike on it’s right and then going straight into the restaurant frontier.

Those seated near the glass area were injured, and taken to a nearby hospital right away to be treated for minor injuries. The restaurant owner filed a complaint against the hotel guest.

VW Polo crashes into restaurant – Video