Want to become a racing driver? This is how you develop fitness – Video

Ford has released a video detailing the fitness regime of its endurance racing drivers. The American automaker is aiming to recreate history by entering the new Ford GT race car at this year’s 24 Hours Of Le Mans race which is widely accepted as the most gruelling discipline of four-wheeled motorsports. If you want to become a racing driver, take notes.

The video shows how its race drivers develop fitness to withstand high cabin temperatures and intense G-Forces from all directions for a prolonged period of time. In endurance racing, each car has a team of 3 drivers who will share the work of piloting it almost equally. In case of Le Mans, each driver need to spend an average of 8 hours in the car, experiencing dehydration and intense physical stress while his brain processes several calculations every second.

The drivers undergo a comprehensive physical fitness regime which involves a 20 minute warm up and a 2.5 hour work out. Most exercises focus on training the sensitive muscles to withstand the G-Forces. The day at the gym ends with a much-deserved massage.

Drivers not only undergo strict physical fitness program but their diet too is carefully chosen. Each driver will have his individual diet plan during his fitness days, leading up to the world’s most gruelling race.

Ford Endurance racing drivers fitness regime
Most of the exercises focus on training the muscles to withstand prolonged exposure to high G forces.

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The new Ford GT will be looking to come home with its class victory at this year’s 24-hour race between 18-19 June.

New Ford GT Race Car – Photos

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